Upper Reach Residents Meeting – Action Points – Updated

Meeting Held: The Abbey Inn, Pollard Lane
7pm – 9:30pm

Following the public meeting with the residents of Upper Reach the following actions points were created, these have now been updated with the proposed actions from Stonebridge Homes

  • Health & Safety – hazardous materials in the soil

Following earlier discussion and the community engagement event on Thursday 26th April, Stonebridge are very aware that dust from construction activities has been causing concern. As discussed at our residents meeting Stonebridge Homes regret the disturbance caused by our activities and have offered to clean affected vehicles using a local hand car wash facility (Further details are set out below Car Washing)

At the community event the possible health effects associated with the dust was raised. We can however confirm that the site was remediated prior to any construction works starting. This remediation removed or isolated potential contamination beneath hard dig layers and that contamination was not wide spread across the surface of the site

Furthermore, Stonebridge have taken steps to ensure dust generated on site is kept to a minimum by using water sprays, limiting vehicle movements to slow speeds (max 5mph), daily cleaning of all tarmac roads and where possible limiting vehicle movements to hardstand surfaces only

  • Communication / Relationships – Improve / broken down 

Stonebridge Homes have setup a Facebook Page for Upper Reach to inform residents of construction activities – Page created 03/05/18

  • Car Washing – Now Available (12/05/18)

Stonebridge Homes will be providing vouchers for monthly car washes, these will be collected from the Marketing Suite on site. Residents will be required to sign for the voucher and provide their vehicle registration number.
The Marketing Suite is open Thursday – Monday 10:30am – 5:30pm

  • Entrance to Compound (Opposite Residents Houses) – Can this be moved?

Due to the piling and construction activities within this area, Stonebridge are unable to move the entrance. However this is only a temporary site compound and will be relocated permanently to the south of the site in the coming months (Est September ’18)

  • Windows Cleaning / Internal Ledges

To monitor

  • Clothes getting covered in dust when hung out to dry

Dust suppression is to be used but may be less effective during high summer months

  • Cover Site Compound – Entrance (Heras Fencing Banner)

Due to wind loading on the fence this could not be completely carried out in a safe manner, which would result in health and safety breach

  • Access Bus – Cannot get to the elderly / nowhere for them to stand

The Site Manager will monitor this on site

  • Can site traffic be re routed behind the Apartments?

The road to the rear of the Apartments is not built to Highways specification and will therefore not allow heavy loads without permanent damage. Block Paving cannot withstand road sweepers due to the vacuum effect caused when cleaning

  • Limit deliveries before 9am

Stonebridge have spoken with their suppliers / subcontractors and requested that all deliveries are made after 9am were possible.  The Site Manager will monitor this situation

  • Site Starting work before 7:30am + Weekends

No machinery to start before:
7:30am | Mon – Fri
8:30am | Saturday

  • Conveyancing of garden space to Myers Drive Residents

Stonebridge Homes Solicitor to speak with RSL relative to land transfer, Peter Wade has previously offered to provide details to Stonebridge Homes which would be very useful

  • Speed Bump – Myers Drive

Residents advised to take this matter to Leeds Highways

  • Speed Bumps – Pollard Lane 

A public consultation was held and the decision was to not install these (info provided by Roland Cross)

  • Trenches – Back Fill / Smooth over

Stonebridge Homes to Tarmac all trenches and pot holes on the development to safe guard further decay

  • Access to rear gardens on Myers Drive (Can Stonebridge allow supervised access to the gardens of Myers drive to allow delivery of gravel etc)

Stonebridge Homes will allow access, residents must agree timings with Stonebridge Homes Site Management

  • Road Sweep / Baxendale Drive

Block Paving cannot withstand road sweepers due to the vacuum effect caused when cleaning

  • Replacing Brick Sets – Baxendale Drive

Stonebridge will replace at a convenient time, when construction is complete in this area

  • Visitor Parking – Baxendale Drive

Visitor parking will be allocated around site, none identified directly on Baxendale Drive

  • Build Programme / Schedule

Approximate build completion dates highlighted on plan

  • Rats (area to the rear of Myres Drive gardens)

Stonebridge will arrange traps to be set behind Myres Drive gardens

  • The Abbey Inn, Car Park Wall – next to sub station

Tree roots will be removed and the wall will be repaired by Stonebridge’s bricklayers

  • Drains of the Abbey Inn – (Avoid working near these weekend of Beer Festival)

This is noted, Stonebridge site Management will communicate directly with owner of the Abbey Inn

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