Community Garden Project

  1. The Newlay and Whitecote Community garden project was started in spring 2016.
  2. It is located on Leeds & Bradford Road, Bramley, next to the Rock Pub car park.
  3. A licence to cultivate has been obtained from Leeds City Council Highways department
    and consent gained for creation of the garden.
  4. Local ward councillors support the project and have visited and worked on the garden themselves.
  5. Approximately 120 hours of volunteer activity have been spent on the garden so far.
  6. Local timber yard supplied the tanalised timber for raised beds. A local stables provided farmyard manure. Leeds City council provided woodchip.
  7. Local residents have provided all the plants in so far.
  8. NAWRA bought the bulbs.

It did look like this

It did look like this

Then we cleared the brush and litter picked

Then we cleared the overhanging trees

& the local Area Committee supplied two men and a rotavator

Eight trailer fulls of horse manure later

Eight trailer fulls of horse manure later

Add some raised beds with timber provided by Woodworks Timber, Rodley Lane and erected by NAWRA volunteers

And NAWRA volunteers donated and planted their own plants


All we need now is a bit more support to buy the extra bedding plants and small shrubs to finish the garden and it will be an asset to the community for many years (and hopefully decades to come. This is why we are applying for a Parks & Counytryside Horticultural Grant.

NAWRA will maintain the garden and arrange for weeding and watering.

Yours Sincerely

Roland Cross
Newlay and Whitecote Residents Association


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